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2017: The Best Year of My Life

Where do I even begin?

A year ago I spent New Year’s Eve on a rooftop bar in Bangkok, Thailand. This year, I spent it in my bed in America. A year ago I was wondering how to teach tiny humans in a predominately Muslim and Buddhist community about Christmas. I was missing my family and my friends. I was daydreaming of the traditional Christmas meal families were eating together. This year, I’m wondering if my students new English teacher is doing a better job than I did. And I’m missing the pizza dinner I treated myself to on Christmas night.best year of my life

In the last year I have lived in 3 countries, visited 12 countries, and explored over 30 cities.

I’ve lived in a little yellow house, an apartment, and moved back in to my mom’s house. I have had 3 jobs in 3 different countries. I was a teacher, a housekeeper (it’s okay to laugh), and a social media coordinator. I’ve loved my job and I’ve loathed my job. I have been incredibly successful at times and I have failed miserably at others.

I have met some of the most incredible people I know.

From the very first person I met at the airport arriving in Thailand to the very last person I met outside of Temple Bar in Dublin and every one in between, each and every one of you have impacted my life more than you know. Some of you became my best friends and some of you helped me explore a city that I otherwise would have experienced alone. And while I’m sure there are people that I will never see again, there are also people that I now know I can’t live without. I am beyond grateful for the people I’ve met and the outlook I’ve gained through meeting them.best year of my life in koh samui

2017 has given me some of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows.

It’s taught me that being happy doesn’t always mean making a lot of money (shout out to my $500/month salary in France). It’s taught me that people and relationships are by far the most important thing in my life.  And it’s taught me that no matter how much I want to see the world, there will always be a part of me that wants to put down roots in a community in America. best year of my life ireland

Life is crazy and it’s weird and it’s exciting.

It is mind blowing to think of what I have accomplished in the last year and what is to come in the following. This year has been, by far, the best year of my life and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. Thank you to the people and the places that made this year the best one yet.



5 thoughts on “2017: The Best Year of My Life

  1. I know by now, when I say how proud of you I am, you don’t really take it to heart because you hear me say it so often. But hear me, my beautiful, talented, spectacular, wonderful daughter of mine, I have never been prouder. To see the world and this wonderful life that we get to live, through your eyes is a blessing. Thank you for sharing your stories, your wisdom, your love for people and places and adventure with all of us. I love you Tarah Jean, may 2018 be even more amazing than 2017!

  2. Tarah-I’ve been following along in your adventures over the last year via your blog. I am equally impressed and in awe of the confident and fearless woman you’ve become. Keep traveling and continue seeking adventure. You are an inspiration! 💜

  3. Tarah I can see why your mom is so proud of you. You are one amazing lady.
    Hope to see you soon!!!!!
    Anything you do in 2018 will be amazing. There is no doubt in my mind.
    Keep your blog going.

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