48 Hours in Malaysia

48 Hours in Malaysia

I’m not sure if it was the incredible array of food, the friendly, English speaking (always a plus) locals, or the beautiful buildings scattered about the city, but something about this place forced its way to the top of my list of favorite cities (ok, it was prob the food).  While I’m not sure any city will be able to top Barcelona (my absolute favorite city), Kuala Lumpur definitely comes close.

I arrived in KL around noon on Friday and left in the late afternoon on Sunday, so I only really had about 48 hours to explore the city.  The beauty of KL is that it can be done in 48 hours without feeling rushed, or in a week without getting bored.  Here are a few musts on your trip to KL:

Petaling Street Market: This is your typical Chinatown outdoor market.  It has every knockoff from Nike shoes to Louis Vuitton bags, so you should be able to find just about anything you’re looking for.IMG_3428.jpg

Central Market: This is just around the corner from Petaling Street and is an indoor/outdoor market.  There are plenty of food stands, clothing stalls, home décor shops, and just about anything else you might want to grab as a souvenir.  And it has AC inside so I mean that’s nice.

National Mosque: I randomly happened upon this and decided to check it out on a whim.  Little did I know that they would have us in a full on hijab and burqa in order to go inside (worth it tho).  Also, very impressed by people who have to wear these all day because I was dripping sweat after wearing it for five minutes.IMG_3500.jpg

Sweet little man who was so excited to tell us about his culture


Bird Park: You will find the bird park on your way to the botanical gardens, and while I wasn’t able to go in (poor teacher problems), I’ve heard it’s really cool.  It’s 50 Ringgit to go in, so if you have the time and the money, it’s worth checking out.

Botanical Gardens: Free and beautiful.  Need I say more?IMG_3547.jpg



Twin Towers: They are also referred to as the Petronas towers and are the tallest set of twin towers in the world.  They are beautiful at any time, but absolutely stunning at night. IMG_3591.jpg

East Tabur Bukit Hike: I could probably write an entire post just on this hike, but I’ll try to limit it to a few sentences.  This was absolutely my favorite thing I did while I was in Malaysia.  While the hike itself and the view from the top were amazing, my tour guide was what really made this such an unforgettable experience.  Casey, my tour guide, is a spry 61-year-old and his love for life and the outdoors was infectious.  He also took me to get Indian food and local Malaysian dessert after the hike where I was the definition of the fat American.  I’m sorry, Casey, I don’t normally eat that much (jk I totally do).  If there’s only one thing you do while you’re in KL, go on this hike.IMG_3755.jpg

The man, the myth, the legend: Casey
I’m told this is Nasi Kandar comprising of briyani rice, tandoori chicken, curry fish, and bitter gourd, but all I really know is it was delicious

Batu Caves: These caves are located at the top of 300 steep steps, but worth the trek up.  There is a Hindu temple and shrine inside so the culture is really cool to see.  Keep your belongings close though because there are monkeys roaming about the entire way up just waiting to grab anything they can get their hands on (RIP to a woman’s bag I saw get torn apart lol)img_3804

Ready to pounce



Also while in Malaysia: got caught in the rain, found an international church, saw a movie (accidentally slept through it), drank a lot of coffee, ate a lot of Indian food, went the wrong way on the train, awkwardly tried to go to a bar alone, and got drunk at the Reggae Mansion on Christmas Eve.  I’ll be back, Malaysia.  Merry Christmas everyone!


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